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We exist because our clients realize REAL India-Sourcing potential through us.

As a normal approach of Global Sourcing, clients can log on internet and find manufacturers in India, it's easy! 

We work with Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) manufacturers in India. Our SME suppliers are really good in their manufacturing processes and have deployed best manufacturing systems on shop-floor. They are the one who can offer sustainable value to overseas buyers. 

Clients can't find our suppliers on internet. To find more reasons, click here>>

Our SME suppliers are already supplying, either to the India office of global brands or big Indian brands in India. In other words, buyers have to set-up local office in India to realize the potential of Indian SME manufacturers and we bring SME manufacturers to our client.

We have cases wherein client having 'X' cost from local supplier in his country. And when client tried to source from India by himself, he got offers which, after adding shipping and other costs, wasn’t resulting into significant benefit to the client. We showed up and offered 20% cost reduction (from X) on goods delivered in client’s country. We found the right manufacturing partner and made it happen for our client and supplier.

Indian SME manufacturers are rapidly changing the impression of offering only low-technology products/ processes only. They are improving in all facets of manufacturing Industry. We have worked with our SME partners and have given impressive results to our clients. Know more>>


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We add value for clients

Strategic Project Identification

We partner with clients to suggest projects for Cost saving and  Supply Chain Rationalization. This is done based on our experience and knowledge of Indian manufacturing & supplier base

Making India Sourcing Simple

We offer end-to-end solution to clients ranging from RFx management to Delivery at their door, meeting and exceeding all QCD requirements as well as latent requirements

Market Research & Consultancy

Market Research service for Supplier Information, Cost bench-marking, understanding the Supply vs Demand scenario in India or finding a right Partner in India

Partnering with Clients

You need us for:

  • Component Sourcing
  • Strategic Purchasing Initiatives
  • Extended Purchase Base
  • RFx Management
  • Supplier Identification or Development
  • Cost Optimization / Reduction
  • Project Management
  • Product Development / Build to Print Manufacturing
  • PPM improvement
  • Supply Chain Redesigning
  • Market Information / India Entry

Make in India - the new hub for technology manufacturing, at low cost

Many foreign manufacturers have met considerable success in India in technology intensive manufacturing.

India, being strategically located offers a numbers of competitive advantages. The low Wage Rates, Young Workforce, Engineering Eco-system and favorable Governmental Policies makes sourcing from India, a value preposition for buyers.


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