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India is the hub of high tech manufacturing, at low cost

India is the new hub of high tech manufacturing, at low cost.

In 1990s the Indian manufacturing industry was opened up and since then the engineering eco-system and changed governmental policies have fueled the growth of Indian manufacturing industry. Today India’s manufacturing capabilities and skilled labour are being used by global players to their advantage.This has happened because of India's strategic location and the competitive advantage it offers to engineering components / assemblies buyers.

  1. Low Wage Rate
  2. Young work-force
  3. Engineering Eco-system
  4. Promotion of manufacturing by Indian government

Slowly but steadily, a transformation of long-term significance is taking place in the economy. Indian manufacturing is diversifying not as a result of any policy initiative but because of conditions on the ground that global players are using to their advantage.

Experts suggests that India may well be on its way to becoming a global manufacturing hub. The pace seems to have increased at a time when the Western economies have yet to witness a pick-up in investments in their own economies.